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Gentlemen, please read the below article written by my screening assistant and understand why even when we are meeting for a Body Rub I must still screen you and request and require your information for my safety. Thank you.


**Please note I am not an attorney and my advice/thoughts should not be used in place of you double checking with a lawyer specific to your area/state)**

However in most states the following will apply. Body Rubs is a term someone invented thinking it would protect them legally from a prostitution arrest. In some states it will however you will and can be arrested for "masturbation for hire" which is also a misdemeanor . Basically anytime you perform an act that involves you touching or manipulating the genitals and you are accepting a monetary donation.. even if your disclaimer and your ads say its for "time and companionship" should an undercover officer hire you for your time and companionship and you go "beyond" time and companionship you can and will be arrested ( depending on your jurisdiction of course)

So therefore, even Body Rub ladies must screen. Some states and counties may respect and acknowledge that you didn't list under massages and not also stick you with the operating without a massage license charge as well but it is based again upon your jurisdiction. Be aware of the norms and guidelines for your area.

Again they can always stick you with "masturbation for hire" , "operating without a massage license " or just straight up "prostitution" depending on where you are.

Therefore all ladies regardless of service offered should be screening. Not only due to law enforcement but also due to robbers, rapists, and killers.


Be careful and to stress once again Know the laws for where you are operating.

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