Always treat an escort like a lady...

Time together with Ms. Honey Angel is always intimate and discreet.  She will be your girlfriend during your date. All attention will be on you. She will strive to do whatever she can to make you feel like the special man you are. As such, always treat her with respect. Don't ask rude questions. Be respectful and discreet whether on the phone, while messaging or through email. Read her website carefully. Most all questions you have will be answered here. If you have special requests or need special arrangements, Honey will most likely accommadate you, but ask gently and respectfully.

General Rules

* Rates are non-negotiable and are published on this site.  Do not talk about money on the phone or you will not get a date with Honey. When either Honey arrives at your location or you arrive at hers, place your donation in a plain unsealed envelope in plain sight.


 * Your booked appointment with Honey is time limited. To be fair to her, please be prepared to end the appointment when your paid appointment time has ended. It is not polite nor proper business to expect to stay longer than your appointment or to expect Honey to stay longer than the appointment. Though Honey does not watch the clock she is busy and needs to get on with other activities, so respect her and excuse yourself promptly.


* If you are wanting to experience Honey's exceptional oral skills, be prepared for a little warm up round genital cleansing. Relax and let Honey wash your intimates... she is already immaculately clean for you! And...if you wish to discuss further activities beyond your scheduled appointment, do so only after your session has begun...

But overall please Enjoy!


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